F.P.C.C.'s other projects

In Romania`s other locations, until the 1st of April 2019, F.P.C.C. has neutered 37,931 dogs :

Targu Carbunesti - 998 
Ticleni - 109 
Motru - 1.068 
Rovinari - 1.332 
Sadu - 495 
Targu Jiu - 20 

Campina - 8.700 
Baicoi - 1.555
Filipesti - 689 
Magureni - 962 
Floresti - 322 
Banesti - 197 
Plopeni - 1.134 
Cornu - 269
Comarnic - 404 
Breaza - 66 
Telega - 62 
Brebu - 41 
Moreni - 354 
Provita - 32 
Bratasanca - 12 
Sinaia - 70 
Valea Doftanei - 4 
Brazi - 180 
Ploiesti - 1.201 
Petrobrazi - 22 
Predeal - 90 
Habud - 14 
Alunis - 5 
Busteni - 3 
Sintesti - 3 
Poiana - 3 
Paulesti - 3 
Dumbravesti - 6 
Cheia - 1 
Bucov - 1.502 
Blejoi - 14 
Stoienesti - 12 
Barcanesti - 4 

Targoviste - 225 

Mioveni (the shelter + surroundings) - 7.570 
Campulung - 1.139 
Domnesti - 11 
Maracineni - 26 
Curtea de Arges - 4 
Boteni - 5 
Contesti - 39 
Pitesti - 25 
Stalpeni - 5 
Valea Mare - 2 
Budeasa - 7 
Valea Stanii - 8 
Darmanesti - 2 

Pancota - 1.851

Ineu de Arad--103

Negru-Voda - 345 

Suceava - 344 

Gheorgheni - 274 

Piatra Neamt - 24 

Bucuresti - 5 
Snagov - 18 

Carei - 228 

Galati - 304 

Otelu Rosu - 123

Moldova Noua - 210



Lugoj - 104 




Arieseni - 9

F.P.C.C.`s first fixed neutering centre was in Campina in 2001. In the 2 years to 2003 we neutered and returned 4.469 dogs in Campina but then the municipality cancelled the contract because we could not make them understand that friendly, neutered dogs returned to the community should be tolerated on the streets. Campina Municipality has been paying Euros 30 / dog to a commercial vet to catch and kill dogs for the last 4 years. As in Bucharest the result is that Campina`s streets are still full of dogs, only now many of those dogs are fertile, and almost none is vaccinated.

F.P.C.C. has however continued to neuter and return 1.148 dogs since 2003 in villages around Campina. 

F.P.C.C.`s former Campina shelter with 200 dogs was partly an open shelter where about 80 dogs at any time are unrestricted and able to run free to the Doftanei river and in the surrounding pasture land. This gives an acceptable quality of life to long term residents of our shelter and has been a successful solution to the catch 22 situation of euthanasia v.s. incarceration in a cramped prison for the rest of the dogs life. 
In May 2010 Campina Municipality expelled F.P.C.C. from this shelter. It is unclear what fate awaite the 110 dogs which remain. 
We are delighted to report that in July 2018 Campina Municipality awarded their dog management contract to Mrs Mihaela Teodoru of Asociatia pentru Protectia Animalelor Ploiesti who has now taken over management of their municipal death camp from the previous manager, local entrepreneur Mr Alexandru Chirobocea, for whom – to put it politely – the welfare of dogs was not a priority. Mrs Teodoru has worked for many years rescuing and feeding dogs in Ploiesti Municipality’s Bucov concentration camp.
Our other fixed neutering clinic is in Mioveni near Pitesti. Carmen Arsene of AULIM in Pitesti negotiated the contract in Mioveni in order to prevent fertile Mioveni dogs being dumped in Pitesti, where AULIM and F.P.C.C. jointly agreed a Neuter & Return contract. The clinic in Mioveni also serves Campulung when our mobile clinic is not visiting Campulung. 

In Mioveni a number of long term shelter residents also live free in and around our shelter, which is near the municipal rubbish dump. Many feral dogs live apparently healthy lives around this dump once they are neutered by us. Some of these dogs prefer the garbage to the various brands of dogfood we offer them ! 

Our sister organisation in Istanbul, S.H.K.D. has also successfully opened its shelter gates to about 80 dogs which sleep and eat inside their pens but which are free to wander the surrounding forests. 

Our neutering contracts in the 5 towns in Gorj province were arranged by Mrs. Carmena Serbanoiu of Pro Animals in Tirgu Jiu. Although Mrs. Serbanoiu has a shelter in Tg Jiu the mayor has failed to implement Neuter & Return. Instead municipal dog catchers continue to collect dogs which they then either kill illegally (since there is no municipal shelter as per Law No. 227) or dump in the surrounding towns where F.P.C.C. has neutering contracts. For as long as Neuter & Return is not implemented in Tg. Jiu we will not be able to stem the flow of fertile dogs into the surrounding area. Rovinari is a particular victim of dog dumping, resulting in very high dog density in this former mining town. 

In Suceava we neutered 344 dogs at Bruno Pets shelter on behalf of the owner, Mrs. Eugenia Ies.

Since 2007 till today we neutered during our mobile neutering campaigns in Pancota, Oravita, Ineu de Arad, Bocsa, Moldova Noua and Hunedoara 3047 dogs.