In the 12 and 13 of July 2016, Mr. Robert Smith and his guests, visited our Open Shelter

On the 12 and 13 of July 2016, we enjoyed the visit of our principal sponsor Mr. Robert Smith with his guests, Mrs. Barbara Nauheim and Mrs. Jasmin Ellger from Germany and Mr. Claudiu Dumitriu from Brasov, Romania. Mr. Claudiu Dumitriu, last year in October, has visited our open shelter and he was very impressed by the project made by Mr. Robert Smith and F.P.C.C. Now, our guest`s visit wasn`t only a simple visit, it was 24 hours discussions about an eventual partnership and medium run with the happy and free dogs on the beautiful meadows and forests.

By our visitors’ opinion, Mr. Robert Smith and F.P.C.C. obtained a very great achievement for the romanian stray dogs, finding the solution to their problem, exceeding the difficult situation with authorities, being always sabotaged by them. They considered an unbelievable achievement what Mr. Robert Smith has done in the last 20 years, in Romania: founding The Foundation for Protection of Community Dogs, implementing the Neuter & Return project, building in Oradea a municipal shelter and other shelters in smaller locations, like Marghita, Beius, Salonta, setting up the Open Shelter, over the gorgeous fields and forests, where the 900 dogs enjoy the controlled freedom and very good conditions of life, developing a successful dog project in Campina and Mioveni, supporting  thousands of neutering made by the mobile clinic all over the country, starting a school program for the children, learning them about the importance of dogs neutering and the human’s responsibility to the dogs and many others.

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