The bad weather arrived at the open shelter at the bigining of December 2015

In early December 2015, in our open shelter, with the rainy and wet season, it started the mud, which caused a great discomfort to our dogs. Around cages and where in the nice weather, the dogs lay in the sun or were playing, now their paws were swallowed by the mud. When we saw how muddy are looking our dogs, we knew that we have to cover these muddy areas of land.

With the financial aid received from associations of dog lovers from abroad, which we collaborate, we bought 5 truckloads of gravel to be spread over in the places where it was necessary. Once the gravel has been loaded off, SOS Dogs team headed by the manager of the foundation began spreading over the gravel.

Up to date, our team succeeded to cover most of the muddy earth, offering the comfort to dogs, which were used before.

The SOS Dogs team thanks in the name of their dogs, to those who made possible the purchase of this gravel, so necessary in these harsh winter conditions.