SOS Dogs Bihor/Neutering

Bihor county has a human population of 600.000 and an estimated inadequately supervised dog population of 50.000*. By inadequately supervised we mean not just feral dogs living on rubbish but community dogs and owned dogs, whose owners perhaps unintentionally allow their dogs to escape from their property and copulate. (It is incidentally not true that dogs enjoy sex, in case any reader believes that his dog should have the same fun as he has !)

The main source of surviving puppies is female dogs with owners, since the offspring of such dogs is often strong and healthy enough to survive. Relatively few puppies from stray, wild dogs living on rubbish dumps survive. Therefore the source of the stray dog problem is not so much the dogs themselves as the irresponsibility of those dogs owners or carers, or if you prefer, the poverty and lack of education of many of those dog owners and carers. FPCC is promoting Responsible Pet Ownership through its Education Project for Schools (see below).
[* based on 4 dogs per 100 people in cities, 7 dogs per 100 people in small towns and 12 dogs per 100 people in villages]. 

The cost of the Bihor project will be almost 1 million Euros in the first 3 years to April 2010. This is being financed mainly by Mr. Robert Smith from FPCC with help from the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust London, who kindly contirbuted $ 50.000 and many smaller sponsors who give their time or who collect donations for us : Mrs. Nathalie Klinge from Holland, Mrs.Helga Kornig from Internationaler Tierschutzverein Grenzenlos e.V. in Germany, Mr. Denis and Mrs. Sandra O`Neil from Hundehilfe in Austria, Lanzarote & Rumanien from Austria ,Mrs.Petra Poorter from Wereldpootjes in Holland, which donated one of the recuperation tents.  
FPCC has permanent neutering centers in Oradea, Marghita and thanks to the cooperation of The Animal Protecting Association UPY 2008, in Beius. Salonta Cityhall, which is collaborating with us from 2009, set up a little shelter , under F.P.C.C. exclusive control. In the future we plan to establishment as well, a permanent neutering clinic. We have two mobile clinic teams who use tents for recuperation and portable pens for holding dogs (if no local facilities are available).

Our target is to neuter 30.000 dogs (concentrating on females where possible) by the end of 2016. We estimate that 75% of these dogs will have identifiable owners. Neutering and rabies vaccinations are free of charge even to the wealthiest citizen, though donations to FPCC are welcome and desperately needed.
FPCC has already concluded neutering contracts with Beius, Marghita, Stei, Vascau, Nucet, Alesd, Olcea, Pancota and Tinca and has made informal agreements with several other municipalities. We have more recently signed contracts with Sacuieni, Salonta, Valea lui Mihai and Suplacu de Barcau.
From January 2013 the neuterings are done in our Marghita`s shelter cabinet.
The Marghita shelter and neutering clinic was sponsored by the Marchig Welfare Trust from September 2013 to September 2014.

As of the 1st of April 2019 FPCC has neutered, vaccinated and returned 32,675 dogs, from the following locations :
Oradea - 13.215
Oradea Metropolitan Area - 3,560
Marghita - 6.769
Beius ( and surroundings )* - 4,202                                 
Salonta - 2.113
Alesd - 584
Tileagd - 93
Diosig - 457
Bratca - 23
Vascau + Stei - 705
Lunca + Nucet - 194
Tinca - 303
Gurbediu – 32
Husasau de Tinca - 55
Olcea ( and surroundings )** - 116
Holod (and surroundings )*** - 154
Rabagani ( and surroundings )**** - 101

* Nimaiesti, Tarcaia, Delani, Perteasa, Draganesti, Finis, Tiganesti, Petrani, Feneris, Fizis, Uileac de Beius, Soimi, Petid, Cociuba Mare
** Belfir, Girisu Newgru, Calacea
*** Rapa, Vintere, Dumbrava, Forosig, Lupoaia
**** Pomezeu, Copaceni, Prisaca, Pocola, Ginta

We are often helped by visiting students and recently qualified vets from European universities. We welcome work experience visits by student vets from abroad and normally provide accommodation for them.



From January till May 2018 we neutered in our shelter Sisterea 235 dogs, inclusive dogs with owners from Bihor county.

Meanwhile, during our neutering campaigns in June/May in Pancota and Oravita we neutered 205 dogs more.