The Mobile Clinic`s neutering campagne in June 2016

Three years ago, in July 2013, F.P.C.C. – SOS Dogs carried on a neutering project in Otelu Rosu, Caras-Severin County neutering 123 dogs. Now, we were required to make an other neutering campaign.

SOS Dogs team and Dr. Razvan Suteu, one of our vets, arrived in the 27th of June 2016 in Moldova Noua, Caras-Severin County to make the neutering of dogs, with owners and without owners, along a period of a week.

After they installed the mobile clinc, they started the neutering surgery the emphasis is primarily on female dogs. Thus, were neutered 104 dogs, 84 females and 20 male, 5 days length and our vet encountered challenges such cardiac arrest, pyometra, advanced gestations, massive tumor, pulmonary edema, all operated under heavy conditions and all successfully managed.

Now, in Moldova Noua will be fewer and fewer abandoned dogs and less problems for the canine population of locality.

After our team living, the people involved in the neutering campaign from Moldova Noua posted on their facebook page:

“A big thank you to all involved, from my heart. The work was not easy and the vet Razvan encountered many difficult cases, but his experience helped him face all challenges. Thank you SOS Dogs Oradea. Razvan, Janos, Norbert and Patrick, you are an awesome team. Thank you again, you did a great job, and we hope we will meet again soon! “